Fossil Museum
This museum is very aptly placed adjacent to the Dino Park. Fossil Museum has a vast collection of remains and relics from the prehistoric era. From the tiniest detail of preserving claws to having a collection of the dinosaur heads, this museum is a fascinating walk down the Jurassic era with over 219 dinosaur species fossils.

Wax Museum
The collection at the museum cuts across reality and fiction! It is possible that you would have never imagined what Mona Lisa would look like in real life – but we at the museum give your imagination a life like visual of her. You can read with Shakespeare, sing with the Beatles, have a drink with Humphrey Bogart or even woo your favorite Disney Princess.


Tribal Museum
Here, you get an insight into the diverse tribes of India and their culture. This museum is an attempt to exhibit the treasure of Tribal Art & Craft with its astounding diversity and beauty and to create community awareness about the way of the aboriginals live and still exist in the changing times.

Oddities Museum
For the fans of Star Wars (and even people who have vaguely heard of it), Nutty Darth Vader and Boba Fett greet you at the entrance – made completely of nuts & bolts! What starts with randomly assorted Believe it or not facts, slowly grows into a very interesting expedition of nature & science. We travel through the underwater area where a host of ‘shark-ing’ facts come to the fore – from Megalodon shark to a metalo-maniac shark’s remains.