What is “Innovative film city”?

Ans: IFC is a conceptual theme park.

Where is IFC Located? or How far is IFC from Bangalore City?

Ans: IFC is located near Bidadi, 32 Kilometers from Bangalore city.

Is there any transportation facility to IFC?

Ans: BMTC buses are available from Majestic and market.

What is the Ticket Price?

Ans: Visit the info page on our website to see the prices associated with the park.

Is there any place to keep the luggage?

Ans: Yes, we have Baggage Counter to keep your luggage safe.

Is Food provided at IFC or is outside food allowed inside IFC?

Ans: Outside food is not allowed but we have good hygienic restaurants inside the park.

What is best season of the year to visit IFC?

Ans: Anytime of the year.

How do I purchase tickets?

Ans: Tickets are available in the counters located in the entrance at IFC.

Is there any Restaurant facility at IFC?

Ans: Yes we do have vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian restaurants in the park.

What is the park timings?

Ans: Visit the info page on our website to see the timings associated with the park.